Bag It!

Bag It!

Do you carry plastic or glass storage containers around in your camper for that little bit of leftover goodness?

Plastic containers

Do those containers take up a lot of room and fall out when you open the cabinet door?

Containers falling

No matter how careful you stack them……. crash!


That’s right, you no longer need any of them.  Throw Them Away Right Now!!!

Because…………… All you need is…………………..


A variety of every size ziplock baggie!

From tiny Snack bags to large Gallon bags!

Any brand will do.  Just think of how many “container” you will now have in your camper!  25- 50- 100-150!!!!!  And they only take up a small space in the cabinet!!! And they do not crash down on you when you open the door!

I bag everything!  Leftover cornbread to beef stew.  Just let it cool and pour it into the baggie, zip it up and BAMB!!!!!

Baggies even make a perfect way to mix up an omelet!  And no dishes to wash!!Baggie 2

Just Bag it!

Happy Bagging!!!






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