Camper size does matter

Camper size does matter

Our first camper was a 32′ 1970’s Avion! It was a tank!   Great camper for what we needed.  See my blog about it here.  After the Avion, it was Teardrop campers.  They can go anywhere, tent sites to mac daddy sites.  We now have a 23 .5′ camper and have learned that state parks can be tough!  We love state park but you sure do have to be careful on the sites!

This is site #95.Anastasia_State_Park_095

This site #95 in Anastasia State Park in St Augustine Fl is max vehicle length 10!  Teardrop = no problem.  Starcraft = problem.

However, the site next to it #94 is max vehicle length 30!  It sure does make finding a site a little more difficult.

Pros and Cons for everything.

Maybe we should have a teardrop and a “standy”!!!!!!



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