Getting ready to go camping

Getting ready to go camping

Even though it is rainy and windy, here in NC, today because of Hurrican Irma,  we are still getting ready to go camping.  Irma  We are so thankful that all our friends made it through the path of the hurricane.

As long as the campground is not closed we plan on packin’ up and movin’ on!

This time of year you need to have shorts, t-shirts, flip flop, jeans, sweatshirts, soxes, and shoes!  It kinda makes it a big packing adventure.  Lots of clothes.  I don’t care I am ready to go! So let’s get to packin’!

We are doing back to back trips this time. Bonus! We will be gone for 4 days, back home for 2 days, and then gone for 4 days!!  Wish we did not have to come back home for 2 days but stuff gets in the way.  Either way, it should be a great time.

Perfect time of the year!  Hope to see ya on the road somewhere.



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