Camping Food Cost

Camping Food Cost

Does this happen to anyone else?

When we are getting ready for a camping trip, we make our grocery list and then spend more money for a weekend camping trip on food than we would spend for the entire week of food at home.  Why is that!?!

Well, I have to admit we do eat well when we are camping.  20170527_190142.jpg  It is not beans and weenies. We might have, ribs, steak, hamburger, and sandwiches for lunch and of course bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, or pancakes for breakfast.  But that is not way out there expensive stuff.


But, still, I spend a fortune getting food for a camping trip. I bring stuff I already have from the house like, salt, pepper, mayo, mustard, sauces, seasoning and so on. I do not buy a bunch of snakes, may a bag of chips and a thing of cookies. But $100 – $150 for 3 night is crazy, right.  Does this happen to you?


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