Our first camper was our house?

Our first camper was our house?


Our first camper was in 2001 and it was a 1970’s Avion.  We got it to live in while we were working on our Farmhouse.  This camper was a beast!  That Avion weighted more than I want to think about, but it was great!! So my husband, 2 teenage daughters, 2 dogs and myself lived in the driveway in this camper for 6 months! Oh, and I worked full time out it too.

It looked something like this one: Avion

When you walked into the camper to the right was the sofa with 2 pop up tables.   The sofa was also a queen size bed that my husband and I used. Every day I would fold up the bed and pop up the table and set up my laptop and get out all my papers and start to work.

To the left of the camper door, was the kitchen with stove, oven, sink, and refrigerator.  Beyond that was 2 twin size bed where my daughters slept.  And in the very back was a nice size bathroom with tub!  Small tub but none the less it was a tub.  Luckily we lived here in the summer so the small 6-gallon hot water heater worked great!

After the “real” house was finished: 20170818_151912.jpg

We sold the Avion beast and got into teardrop campers….. That’s a whole other blog!!



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