Baskets for Storage? Part 1

Baskets for Storage?

Part 1

I see things and read all the time about using baskets for storage.  I have always thought that baskets would take up more space than the stuff on the shelf.  But for years now, this is still the big thing to use in all organizing tips. So,  I figured there has to be something to it, right?  I when out and bought $100.00 worth of baskets for my camper.  I measured all my spaces and wrote down the size of each as well as where that size is located where, kitchen, bath etc.

All the measuring done: off to the store I go…….. I spent a little over 2 hours hunting and measuring for just the right baskets.  Finally, pleased with my choices I check out.  $100.00 worth of baskets for my camper!!  Holy COW!!! I hope this work!  Dang. $100 to storage containers to go into my storage cabinets?  What? I better like this.

Back home and into the camper, with my $100 worth of baskets.  I am loving the colors and designs I picked out.  Placing each basket in their designated places, I am having a ball.  Ready to fill them up and get to camping.Basket1

Time to pack and get on the road.  I start filling up my baskets with all my stuff.  I have a cute little basket for my underwear and sox!  Love it.   Everything fixes perfectly and is just great.  The basket for my coffee pot and dog bowls is just the right size!  Bingo!  The basket for the dishes is spot on as well.  This is great.  The baskets fit wonderfully in the cabinets and they look so cute!

Time to pack the food.  Out come the baskets in the kitchen and food started to get in.  The baskets fill up fast!  I find it hard to organize in the baskets.  After messing around with it for a while I get most everything in the baskets.   A few things are on the shelf between the baskets.  Things are looking really nice.

Let’s hit the road!



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